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Secrets prt 2 The Story Of Shaun and Rachel
It's weird. Turns out, Shaun doesn't have alot of friends so he calls me all of the time. We usually talk about movies or siblings, but this time it was different.
"Hey Shaun." I said when I answered
"Hey-um-can I come over?"
There was a long pause. I hadn't really told my parents about him because I would get a big lecture for snooping around, and also, Shaun's never come straight out with a question before, it must be something important.
"Hello, are you still there?" Shaun asked.
I shook myself awake. "Yeah, yeah, I'm here. Well sure. To get there you'll have to-"
"Yeah I'll be right over." He quickly interrupted. "Thanks."
He hung up.
I never got to tell him where I lived, that's strange if he already knew...

I walked into the kitchen to where my mom and dad were doing a science project for the NewTechnologyCompetition, only adults allowed,(they made real sure I understood that when I asked if I could help). "Hey mom, dad." I said casually. They didn't look up from their work. "Well, um, my friend is coming over, is that okay? He's kind of new in town and doesn't really have any friends..."
My dad looked like he hit the ceiling. "He? What do you mean he!"
I tried to hold back my giggles.
Mom was still working while my dad stared at me like I was a maniac. "Sure, dear." She said. "Just invite Cathy over too. It'll be like a study group."
I nodded then rushed to my phone. I wanted to get Cathy to say yes before Shaun got here.
"Hello?" It was her mother.
"Hey, it's me, Rachel. Is Cathy there?"
"Sure hon, one second."
Footsteps, silence, on the other line.
"Hey Rache," Cathy said. "What's up?"
"Listen, remember when I told you about that guy I found at the theather/homeside?" I didn't wait for her answer. "Well, he wants to come over but my parents won't let him unless you come too."
"Sure." Cathy said.
What happens next....
Secrets prt 2 Story of Shaun and Rachel
The pic is supposed to be Rachel
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August 31, 2009
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