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The next thing I knew I saw the ambulance taking Kyle away, and everyone getting in the caravan and following it.
At the hospital we stood at Kyle's bedside, mom was there,(she worked there, duh). No one was crying, everyone just kept staring at Shaun like as if he was the four-hundred pound gorilla that was in Grandma Jane's coffin.
Shaun didn't really care. He kept glancing at me. Cathy wasn't really mad anymore and my dad was really mad.
"Mom, I want orange juice." Kyle said, and all of our heads turned to him.
Mom made a nod to dad and he left to get Kyle's orange juice.
"Now," mom said now that Kyle was awake. “Tell me just what happened when I left."
We stayed silent and my mom turned her glare to me. "I thought I could trust you to keep things in order while I was gone. What happened?"
"I...don't know." I replied, and it was kind of true. I had no idea what happened, it happened to quickly.
"Everything goes back to him." Cathy said pointing to Shaun.
"I don't know why you're here." Mom said to him bitterly. "Only family members, you can leave now."
"But what about her!" Shaun said pointing to Cathy.
"She's fine."
Shaun stood there glaring at my mom. He's been a big problem and it seemed like he wasn't really mad at me at all. I thought he was going to hit her, he was right there and a head over her, I wouldn‘t doubt that he could pull it off.
Mom pointed to the door. "Go."
Shaun turned to me, his eyes pleading for me to help him. I shrugged, I couldn't do anything.
"How's he going to get home?" I asked my mom, hoping she would let Shaun stay then drive him home later.
It looked like she was going to let him stay until Shaun said, "No it's fine. I always walk home anyway."
Shaun left the room and I followed. Even though most of it was his fault, I still felt bad for him.
"Why'd you do that?" I asked Shaun as we left the hospital.
He shrugged, it was more like a 'I don't care' shrug.
"Well?" I asked again.
"I was just kidding." He was probably ignoring me and I didn't blame him for it.
We stopped at the Doron Forest entrance that traveled all the way to the back of the hospital and beyond.
"Here." Shaun said giving me a crystal. It was beautiful, a aqua blue color with a star on top that held the string turning it into a necklace. He helped me put it on.
"Thanks." I said.
"Never take it off. Or I won't be able to find you when you need help."
Find me? Need help? But I blew the thought off and nodded.
As I walked back to the hospital I was thinking. Shaun's pretty strange. It's like he knew me before I knew him. He knew I was sixteen, he knew where I lived, and somehow he knew I would follow him unless he would've given the crystal to me earlier. I was pretty suspicious now. He never talks about his family. He always seems to have to walk a long way home. And his parents don't really care that he uses up minutes calling me. If he has parents. No, he has to have some. What about his dog, his parent's have to take care of it. He's just a normal guy, nothing else.
I was too deep in thought because when I looked up, I was back in the hospital room.
Everyone was pretty calm now that he was gone, even my dad.
"I would like to know what happened," my mom whispered to me.
I was going to protest but a nurse walked into the room. Her hair was dark brown, pinned up into a bun, and her eyes were hazel, she sat down her clipboard on the table next to the bed. "Well," she cleared her throat and looked at mom. "This happens very often with young kids his age, he can leave now. You just have to sign him out and everything will be fine."
Mom nodded and followed the nurse out of the room.
Secrets prt 7 The Story of Shaun and Rachelthe pic is supposed to be Rachel
what will happen next?
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