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The next morning I lay on my bed examining the crystal. I could've just asked my dad about it but I thought he was still toasted about what happened yesterday.
I found myself wishing for Shaun to call. I wanted to find out about his parents, about where he lives, about the crystal. I planned that when he called the first thing I would say would be-
Ring. Ring.
I picked up my cell phone. "Hello?"
It was Cathy and she was breathing hard on the other end. "Rache, you better come check this out."
I hung up and rushed out of the house.
Running up Cathy's driveway I zipped up my windbreaker. She was there waiting for me. "What's up?" I asked taking her hand.
She pulled me to her backyard that was surrounded by a white fence now splashed with red paint. The red paint said ‘MIND YOUR OWN BUISNESS’.
I gasped. “Who do you think did this?”
Cathy crossed her arms. “Who else? Your stupid boyfriend.”
“He’s not my boyfriend!”
Cathy tried to pull me back but I ran right to my house. I picked up the crystal from my pillow and threw it in the trash and that’s when my phone rang. It was Shaun. “I don’t want to talk to you!” I yelled into the phone.
“Rachel, please don’t be mad.” He sounded like he had been crying.
“Don’t be mad! Don’t be mad! LOOK WHAT YOU DID TO CATHY’S HOUSE!”
There was a pause. And a sniff. “I did nothing to Cathy’s house.” He sounded innocent but I wasn’t ready to believe him.
“Yeah right! We both know you have problems with Cathy!” I plopped down on the bed.
“I don’t even know where Cathy lives!” He still sounded innocent.
“But you knew where I lived! You know everything about me!”
“Rachel I can explain-”
“No I’ll explain to you,” I said sounding harsher than I had hoped. “I don’t want to ever, ever see your face around here again! Understand?”
He tried to control his sobs. “Rachel, let me talk to you for one second. Just one second. A moment of your time. Please.”
I sighed. “Fine, but make it quick. Why are you crying?”
“You aren’t wearing your crystal anymore, are you?”
I felt like screaming. “WHAT! Are you, like, watching me or something!”
“No.” He sounded as if I was accusing him of murder. I checked my window anyways.
“Then how do you know I’m not wearing it.”
“It’s complicated.”
“Uh-um-well, I got to go, my mom’s calling me. Bye.”
Dial tone.
“Rachel, Cathy’s here to see you,” my dad called from downstairs. I waited for Cathy to walk in.
“What happened yesterday-when you left the hospital?” Cathy asked. I saw a look of concern in her eyes. And suspicion.
“Wait,” I laughed and shook my head. “If you think I told Shaun where you live-”
“No, just tell me what happened.”
From the experience of being Cathy’s friend for eight years, I could bet that this was probably the most serious she’s ever acted in her life. For a long moment I was thinking about not telling her. But would I really choose Shaun over Cathy? I walked over to the trash can and leaned down over it. He gave me it to wear, so of course I can show Cathy. I picked up the crystal and walked back over to her. “Here,” I said handing it to her.
She observed it, turning it this way and that. “It’s pretty. What does he want, you to marry him?”
“He’s not my boyfriend! And for the record, I have no idea why he gave it to me.”
Cathy tossed it back to me with a sudden loss of interest. “Whatever then. What’d you talk about?”
I joined her sitting on the bed again. “Nothing really, he just told me not to take it off.”
Cathy kept switching her gaze from me to the crystal and over and over. “But…you’re not wearing it.”
I was relieved and shocked that I was. “I know! And after I came back home, I threw it in the trash, and-like-right after I threw it in the trash, he called me!”
Cathy gasped. “Did you tell him off?”
“The dude was crying! Then he told me that he knew I took it off!”
“Oh my god! Stalker! Stalker!”
I gave a small laugh about Cathy’s reaction.
She turned serious again, and lowered her voice. “You should tell your parents. You know that right?”
I nodded. “Of course I do. But I don’t want my dad to get mad again and place a restraining order on him. I want to ask him about what’s going on. Plus, I feel bad for the guy. I think he’s lonely.” That made me think about Shaun’s never ending phone calls. I’ve only gotten one since yesterday which is strange due to him usually calling me at least three times a day. Guilt? Shame, maybe? Or is he scared about me finding something out? Maybe he did do that to Cathy’s fence, then right after he felt bad about it and didn’t want me to get mad at him. If so, then what’d he expect? Me to be happy? Then I thought about the crystal that now lay in the palm of my right hand. He seemed to give it to me in a rush. Then, he came right out with the warning. Like the phone call yesterday. So, he wanted to come over to give me the crystal, maybe he thought it was too valuable to mail over. Sense he already knows where I live. And where Cathy lives too, maybe.
“Hello? You there?” Cathy’s fingers were snapping in front of my face.
I pushed her hand away. “Yeah, I’m here. What?”
“Did you confront him about my fence?”
I nodded. “Yeah, he said he didn’t do it. Even said that he didn’t know where you lived. Sounded pretty real to me.”
Cathy stood up, ready to leave. “Everything about that guy is pretty FAKE to me! He probably lied about the whole thing! What are my parents supposed to do about the fence! Why’d he even do it! What made him hate me so much?” She left.
After taking all that in I realized that she said ’me’ like I was the one he was supposed to be mad at. Like I was spinning out lies to him about her while she was in the bathroom for only four minutes. Then it hit me: I think Cathy has a crush on Shaun.
That made me laugh out loud. To tell you the truth, I had no idea why I was laughing. It wasn’t all that funny. What was funny was that they seemed like mortal enemies. He was disgusted by her bluntness, and she was disgusted about his arrogance. But I never saw them the way they see each other. I saw Cathy as silly, and I saw Shaun as a normal person. When he did tell me about a time with his family, he told me how far he would go to get what he wants. Oh great, back to the fence again.
Like how I wouldn’t doubt he would hit my mom, or Cathy, I still don’t doubt that he would’ve done that to Cathy’s fence.
Secrets prt 8 THe Story Of Shaun and Rachel
the pic is supposed to be shaun. I had to edit the hair and the eyes.
what will happen next?
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