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Mae continued to help Kikyo keep moving, keeping her arm around her shoulder. They had finally gotten away from that obnoxious jerk Inuyasha. Kikyo didn’t seem to like him either. And she didn’t want her to like him, because then she’d have to like him too. But already she absolutely hated him. How dare he get in her face like that! Why, when she got back to the castle, she would tell her father and-
Another man walked out of the woods. Mae sighed, how’d Kikyo know these people? She looked back up and noticed he was a demon. She suddenly grew defensive. Remembering the day her brother died. The man looked like Inuyasha, but taller and older.
He seemed to have no intention in walking any further to Kikyo. “Where is Inuyasha?” he asked. Stern and right out.
“I don’t know,” Kikyo replied.
He didn’t seem to believe her. “I don’t have time for this,” he pestered.
“I’m telling the truth!” Kikyo said. She seemed to get mad easily.
The man gave up and walked away.
As they continued, Mae couldn’t hold back her curiosity. “Who were those men?”
“It’s none of your concern,” Kikyo answered. But one look at Mae’s curious eyes she said, “The half-demon is Inuyasha. The demon is his older brother Sesshomaru.”
“What about the other one?” Mae asked, straightening Kikyo up.
“What other one?”
“The one I saw you with yesterday. The one that hurt you.”
Kikyo grew mad once more. “He’s none of your business. You know, sometimes a good girl keeps her mouth shut.”
Mae nodded frantically.

After a few more hours of walking it was getting dark and Kikyo was getting tired so they came to a stop. This time they were in a clearing and a full moon shown above them.
Kikyo looked at Mae’s young energized eyes staring at the moon. She couldn’t take Mae to Naraku. For one, if she had seen him, he had seen her, then tried to hurt her, but she’s still alive, so he would try to kill her again. Two, Mae was merely a human, nothing more, she wouldn’t last two minutes near him. Three, Mae was a princess and had lived in luxury her whole life, she probably wouldn’t even be able to take the site of blood.
“Mae,” Kikyo said grabbing her attention. “This is where you leave off. I want you to go back to your home, I will be fine for now on.”
“Go home. You will be safe and happy there. I will be fine.”
Mae huffed and folded her arms across her chest. “I’m not leaving you Lady Kikyo so stop trying to make me. I said till you were well healed,” she waved a finger at her, “and you’re not. So I’m not going anywhere.”
Kikyo couldn’t help smiling a little on Mae’s persistence. Then she brought back the straight face. “Mae, I’ve done these things before. I’ll assure you I’ll be fine. Please let me be.”
Mae continued to stand her ground so Kikyo started to shoo her away, “Go. I’ll be fine. I’m sure I will.”
Mae gave up and walked back the way they had come. Just to show Kikyo that she wouldn’t be fine without her help. Kikyo was helpless, completely helpless. Whatever she was going to do now she would need help.
Clearing her mind she looked back up to the beautiful moon. And before she knew it she was miles away. Her first thought was to go back to Kikyo, but she wanted to teach her a lesson so she started jogging instead. After a while she grew tired and laid down, drifting off to sleep.
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