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The next morning her mind went to Kikyo, giving in she started running back to her. Strangely she ran faster the average human and soon she was where she had left Kikyo. Kikyo was gone by now.
Suddenly the bright sky grew dark. Clouds came together and the sun was blocked out. Mae twirled around looking up at the sky and saw at least a million demons coming at her.
She gasped and resumed running. Really fast now breathing hard. About a half-mile away smoke encircled her. Miasma. She covered her mouth and nose and continued on.
She had to squint to see the six people in front of her. It was Kikyo, Sesshomaru, Inuyasha on one side. On the other side stood the man that had hurt Kikyo, but this time he wore something that seemed to have a lot of armor and a eye in his chest. Next to him on each side stood a woman with a fan and a little boy that seemed to be a demon slayer. The younger boy had a strange gaze in his eyes that made him look as if he had no control of his mind.
They didn’t notice her at all. The man that had hurt Kikyo had his tentacles all over the place with Sesshomaru dodging and killing the other demons swarming. Kikyo stood behind Inuyasha who was also killing demons with his sword.
Sesshomaru swooshed past her and at that moment the smoke surrounding her left and Naraku saw her. He did the same thing he did last time, this time harder. He was smiling an evil smile while the life slowly, very slowly seeped away.
Kikyo noticed Naraku wasn’t paying any attention to them anymore and looked in the direction where his evil gaze fell. “MAE!” she screamed.
Inuyasha turned around and saw the human Naraku was trying to kill. The girl from earlier. “Don’t worry Kikyo,” he assured her. “I’ll get her.”
Inuyasha turned the sword in Mae’s direction. “WINDSCAR!” He screamed and a big lash of wind spun out of his sword making the tentacle explode and Mae fall to the ground.
Mae woke up and found Kikyo sitting at her side “I told you not to come,” Kikyo said, but she sounded sad this time not angry.
“I’m sorry Lady Kikyo,” Mae replied. “I was just worried about you.”
“Well next time,” Kikyo helped her up. “Worry about yourself.
prt 5 the last part
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