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The bell rings and I walk over to lean on the bike rack. Why? Why do I feel like something else is supposed to be happening? Where do I belong?

"Haru-chan!" Aimi calls. She's running up to me, bright orange hair flowing out behind her.

Crap. I've been trying to get away from her all day. Why won't she just leave me alone? Ever since she confessed her feelings for me, I... I told her I didn't like her like that. She ran away, crying. And now she keeps following me around. "Oh, hi Aimi-chan," I mumbled. I looked away so she could get the point that I don't want to talk to her.

Aimi blinks then smiles. "Ah, Haru-chan. Would you like to walk home with me?"

"Uh, no thanks. I'm kinda waiting for someone," I lied.

"..." blink. "..." blink. "Is it a girl?"

I couldn't hold my eyerolling back. She always got jealous so easily. "No. It's not a girl. It' brother."

"OH! Haru I didn't know you had a brother! When can I meet him?"

The look in her eyes was obvious. She was wondering if he was as cute as me. "Uh, yeah, er, maybe later. We kinda have to go somewhere-immediately-after he picks me up. So you should just start walking home now."

"Okay, Haru-chan." she turns away and begins walking, waving back at me. "Bye Haru! I'll see you tomorrow!"

I sigh in relief. 'Finally she's gone'. The sun sets so early these days. The sky is already orange. The voices of my other classmates sound far off as I stare into the sun. I lean back against the rack and close my eyes for a short rest.

"That wasn't very nice of you to lie to that poor girl," a voice startles me.

I look up to see Ken Daisuke, one of the seniors. I can't see Ken's blue eyes because of the light glinting off of his glasses. His pale blond hair falls to his shoulders. I shiver involutarily. Something about him gives me the chills. Recovering, I responded, "I just wanted her to leave me alone."

I could've sworn that he got closer to me. His face loomed over mine, blocking out the sun. "You could've asked her nicely, hmm?"

I couldn't help but look away. Ken had this way about him that was intimidating. He was one of the tallest and richest boys at our school. He was supersmart and was very talented when it came to tennis. Most people mistaked him for being a grown man, even though he just turned 19.

He lifts my chin up and makes me look at him. The corners of his lips twitch devilishly. "You should go home. It's safer there," he whispers.

I push him away from me. "I'm fine!" I say angrily. "Now, just leave me alone!"

I begin to walk away and I hear him call. "Go find your rainbow, Haru!"

What the hell was that supposed to mean?
[this is a yaoi story]
Onli Ch. 1 :)
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May 15, 2010
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