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I lie down in my bed, staring up at my ceiling. All the lights are off. I like it dark. The only light is coming from my laptop on my dresser beside my bed. It's beeping with a new e-mail. Maybe from Aimi. Definitely from Aimi. I can't help thinking about Ken. Everytime I spoke to him he got into my head. His face. His stunning blue eyes. The way he was all sweaty after a tennis match.

I rolled over onto my side, wanting the images to go away.






AIMI WOULD YOU STOP MAILING ME! In my fury, I pick up a pillow and toss it at my labtop, knocking it onto the floor. "Crap." Just as I go to pick it up, my door opens.

It's my dad. Wearing a apron. Goof. "HARU! TIME FOR DINNER!"

"Dad, screaming's not really necessary. Don't you think?"

Dad just leaves my room and I follow him down the hall. The hall lights make my eyes hurt. I want to go back to my room. Inside the kitchen, my little sister Kiku and my mom are setting the table. They're all looking stupid in stupid aprons. My family's embarrasing. Kiku looks sort of adorable though. She's wearing my dad's apron and keeps tripping on it.

I sit down at the table, not saying anything. My family glances at me curiously. I ignore them. Staring down at my plate, I feel so empty inside. I don't need food. I'm not hungry. But it's the only thing to keep my mind off of this emptiness.

Suddenly the doorbell rings and Kiku runs off to answer it. Dad follows her. After a moments silence...."HARU! SOMEONE'S AT THE DOOR FOR YOU!"

I stand up and sigh. Aimi. I wish she would leave me alone. I push past my sister and dad and to the door.

Surprised I say, "Ken?!"
YAY prt 2!
[yaoi warning]
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May 15, 2010
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