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What was he doing at my house?

Ken Daisuke's blond hair seems like a halo against the night sky. With the light of my house, I can see his eyes clearly.  They're icy blue. "Haru, are you surprised?" he asked me with raised eyebrows.

I wanted to ask him everything. I wanted to demand what he was doing here, how he found his way to my house. But I couldn't do that with my father and sister around. "A-am I supposed to be?" I stuttered. I was still in shock.

"Um. No, not really. I guess." He says this as if he's confused. But the smirk on his face is obvious. He's playing with me. He has already chosen what role he plays in this game, Cat and Mouse. And I'm the mouse.

Why was I this shocked? Why couldn't I just gain control of myself. I knew I had to say something, so I said something stupid. Like normal. "Where's Aimi?"

Ken pretends to look around behind him. "Is she supposed to be coming?"

"N-no. I mean, um, what are you doing here?"

Now it's so clear it's shocking. I can see the game he's playing. He wants to come in. "You invited me. Remember Haru?"

Before I could respond, my dad jumps in front of me. "Any friend of Haru's is a friend of mine! Come on in lad!" He steps back so Ken could walk in.

I found something inside myself screaming. I didn't want Haru to come inside. And I have no idea why. It was like alarms were ringing in my mind. I couldn't do anything. I couldn't speak. I just followed Haru, my dad, and sister, back into the kitchen.

"I was hoping we'd be alone," Ken suddenly says. He's looking at me when he says this, but he's speaking loud enough for the whole room to hear. "We were going to work on that assignment. You know, in science. Together."

Obviously, I don't know what he's talking about. But I play along too. Only because I want to know what he wants. "Oh yeah! I remember that!" Then I turn back to the others. "Sorry guys, I completely forgot. Um, I was supposed to be doing this assignment with Ken. We're partners. I don't want him going home too late."

My mom smiles and says, "No, no, no. It's okay. I'll save your dinner for you later. Go ahead. Nice meeting you Ken."

Ken nods a salute, then I lead him to my room. Somehow this doesn't feel right. I don't want him in my room. But I can't stop my feet from moving.
Yay, prt 3!
Yaoi warning
*if you're wondering where I got the title from, I was thinking of gay guys xP. You know how you think of the word GAY[happy] you see smiley faces and then rainbows xP
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May 28, 2010
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