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  • Listening to: Papercut by Linkin Park
  • Eating: Chocolate Covered Human Hearts
  • Drinking: blood flavored cofee
Yesterday my brother just happened to drag me into a family reuinion at my nana's house. Complete diasaster. There were kids everywhere and people were drinking. At least a hundred people were there. I kid you not.
It was fun at first cause I got to hang out with my older brother and my two younger sisters. Uncle John even got me to play at least one game of hearts with him.
It got bad when two half-cousins of mine that came even though to everyone else they weren't invited. They were like 'wtf this is a FAMILY reunion'. A fist fight started with one of them and my cousin Joey.
All the little kids were like 'GO GO GO GO'.
There were like shirts being torn and stuff. Then cousin Eric, cousin Joeys bro, jumps in the fight. And then the other half-cousin comes in. Everyone started yelling at eachother.
It got so bad that I just went in the house and sat in the little room I used to stay in when I spent the night when I was a little.
When I left everything was cleared up and most of the family had went home.
  • Listening to: Nudge talking about random things
  • Reading: Your life's story
  • Watching: Sesshy undress >:D
  • Playing: The Game Of Life and controlling ur pawn
  • Eating: Chocolate Covered Hearts
  • Drinking: fluffy's blud
i larend taht it desont mtaetr wihch way a wrod is selpled as lnog as the wrod's frist and lsat lteter is siltl in palce. It's bceuase the mnid rcenozies the wrod's lteters and ptus it in odrer by istlef.
  • Listening to: rin talk about flowers
  • Reading: the death note
  • Watching: you die
  • Playing: death games
  • Eating: you
  • Drinking: fluffy's blud
Today they'r gunna have a memorial for the king of pop:Micheal Jackson. It's gunna be showed world-wide! My cousin Evangeline (ee-van-guh-len) got a ticket and I know it cost her over 100 dollars.
From watching the news I have been imformed that Mariah Carey and Jennifer Hudson are going to perform and Evangeline's gunna get Mariah Carey on camera and I'll put it on my you-tube account :D